Learning about science

Tatum Witt

Community Outreach:

For my community outreach project, I went to WestPark with our club. We showed the eighth graders two projects: elephant toothpaste and cleaning pennies. Elephant toothpaste, was the experiment that we showed them first, the students didn’t participate in this project because it was too dangerous for them. They were still involved in the experiment, because they chose the colors we used and they were asking questions about the project. The second project we did was cleaning pennies, the students did this project and I think they had a lot of fun.

I joined this project, because I attended WestPark and I wanted to go visit. This was also the last project I could’ve gone to with SNHS, so I went to help show the experiments. Learning about science is important, because science is in everything you do every day. When you brush your teeth, the chemicals in the toothpaste make it the texture it is. When you sweat during the day, which happens because of science. It important to understand how everything happens. This project helps me learn more about science, because I actually learned a lot about the periodic table and so many chemicals.


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