Anthropological Roots

Jasi Torres
Semester 1

Community Science Project: Anthropological Roots

Today a large group of SNHS members (myself included) took a trip down to the Arizona State University Tempe Campus where we were educated about career fields that are related to various scientific studies. First, we visited the IHO (Institute of Human Origins) where we discussed anthropology and the various jobs that two graduate students have in that field. The presentation began with an overview of the differences between a human and chimpanzee skeleton. The two students went over key features on each such as: the cranial capacity, the elongation of the jaw, the difference in torso size, the angle at which the femurs attached to the hips, the knees, and the feet. We were then given the opportunity to examine about ten skull casts and we were prompted to determine the age of each. After placing the specimens in order from oldest to youngest, our presenters gave us further information about the placement of the spinal cavity and we were then able to improve our order. We also visited the reptile building and attended another presentation on synthetic biology.  I found the IHO presentation the most fun because I was previously interested in anthropology and I am considering studying Forensic Anthropology in college.


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