Skulls at ASU

Courtnee Oglesby
December 19, 2015

Community Outreach Paper

During our trip to the University of Arizona, my eyes were opened. I’ve never been to the science department, and for my first time, it was amazing. I picked this project because I want to attend ASU, so experiencing more of their campus is ideal. Our speakers were extremely entertaining and their job descriptions were very interesting. I never knew that people studied the eating habits of chimpanzees. As we sat around the table, we began discussing evolution and how it effected chimpanzees and humans. We ordered the skulls in what we thought were the oldest to the most recent, but we found there were some errors.

This project helped the community because it demonstrated how we came to be, and why we look and function the way we do. This is beneficial due to natural selection and what organisms need to survive. When we learn more about science, we learn more about the world and why things are they way they are. Humans are naturally curious, so to obtain answers is ideal. After returning from this trip, I feel like ASU is a great campus for me attend and there are several opportunities ahead for me.


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