Pulling up bushes

Derric Nguyen

Community Science Project

The project I was apart was the habitat restoration community project. I forgot where we went, but to sum up the area we were working in, it was a field that needed working on, and there were many things needed to be done. For example, some people were taking apart some plants by pulling off the stems of these plants, some were just bagging the dead plants, and the rest were pulling out weeds. I was in the team pulling the plants out of the ground, (I forgot the name of this bush) but they varied in size, some were the size of weeds, and some were the size of bushes. I chose this project because I’ve always done lawn work, and I’m used to physical labor, so I thought this would be a good and easy way to help my community. After we were done helping, I felt like I actually made a positive impact to my community and that we can really make a change as long as we all can work together as a team.


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