Teaching something new

Madyson Madrid

For my community project, I chose to join a field trip to Westpark Elementary school to teach demos. I joined this trip because I had previously attended Westpark and greatly enjoy seeing the kids while they learn something new. I have always been a very outspoken and friendly person so teaching the kids proved no problem. Teaching these kids gives them a great idea of what they could be doing in high school and what amazing things you can do with science. Though this does not seem like a big idea, these kids see us students and get a greater idea of high school. This can even show a student that they may really want to pursue science in the future. The sooner that children are taught about science, the better our future scientists will become. I loved teaching these 8th graders in hopes of sparking that interest for science in them. Teaching has always been something that I have enjoyed and this was an amazing way to express that.


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