Science Demos with 8th Graders

Jordan Cabral

Community Outreach Paper (Fall)

The project that I attended was a trip to West Park Elementary School with a group of my SNHS peers to do demonstrations for multiple 8th grade science classes. I joined the project because it sounded fun to enrich our future SNHS members with the knowledge that Science is fun, and that AP Chem is hard. The helping the community part is, quite literally, the last sentence in this paper. Learning about science is important because it is literally a way to model the world; also, Math-y STEM jobs are your best bet to not be homeless, so you probably want to know more about science. After completing my duty, I felt an odd ambivalence towards the beliefs in my life. It was as if my entire life view had changed, and so when I got home I threw up from the massive influx of scientific view. All in all, it was a fun experience and I hope I can do another demonstration in my senior year of school.


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