Arizona Envirothon Competition

This weekend was the annual Arizona Envirothon Competition held at the Hacienda Girl Scout Camp in Tucson, AZ.  Several members of SNHS competed against teams from other parts of the state in soil analysis, wildlife and forestry, aquatic ecology, and urban forestry.  The competition is part of the national competition, where winners are awarded scholarships and other prizes for having the most knowledge and the best plan that explains this years theme.

team 5

Team 5 Front: Amy (senior) and Alyssa (junior) Back: Zach (junior), Madyson (junior), Ms. Doskocil (coach), David (senior), Mrs. Irick (coach)

team 4

Team 4 Front: Ms Doskocil (Coach), Denise (Senior), Rogelia (Senior), Mrs. Irick (Coach) Back: Jack (Senior), Carl (Senior), Robert (Senior)

team 4 working

Team 4 hard at work at an ecostation

team 5 working

Team 5 testing soils during their ecostation test

Youngker SNHS chapter sent two teams to the competition this year.  Team 4 and 5 were comprised of members from SNHS as well as students taking our wildlife management class.  While they didn’t win this year, they did a great job in the competition and represented their school with pride.

The teams compete in different subjects under Environmental Science.  They have 3 “ecostations” where they answer questions related to water quality and the animal life that can be supported within ponds, lakes or rivers; pollutants and how they effect both terrestrial and aquatic systems; soil impacts on types of trees and how soil textures effect quality of plant life; and wildlife identification.  They also wrote and presented a presentation where each team had to design a plan to implement an urban forest in a fictional city.

This is a great opportunity for students to learn more about the environment and how they can impact nature.  It also gives them a chance to interact with peers from around the state.

Good job to all the teams that competed, but especially teams 4 and 5!

Photos courtesy of AZ Envirothon Facebook Page


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