Storm Watching

Jasi Torres
Semester 1

Citizen Science Project: Stormwatching!

For my citizen science project I chose to visit the Cyclone Center to learn how tropical cyclones form and change.  I was presented a couple of images and was prompted to identify what type of storm the image entailed. My options were: eye, embedded, curved, shear, and other.  I was then asked additional questions about the image presented in which I specified the nature, size, and strength of the storm. I classified the third image as a Curved Band storm. After classifying the storm, I learned that its strength is measured by the length of the band…the longer the band, the stronger the storm. I focused on how far around the band wrapped, and clicked on the picture that best matched it. I found this topic interesting because storm watching is fun and it is exciting that my input is helping climatologists predict future storm behaviors.


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