Science at Westpark

Zack Ozment

Community Service Report

On Wednesday December 10th, a group of representatives and I went to West Park Elementary to a science class of eighth graders and showed them how to create “Elephant Toothpaste”. We explained how we combined baking yeast, 3%, 6%, and 12% hydrogen peroxide, and soap to foam up. We explained to the students how the yeast is a catalyst which speeds up chemical reactions and the peroxide mixed with everything separates from H2O2 to water and oxygen when the yeast is added.

We also explained how we can clean pennies with different acidic liquids. We used orange juice, lemon juice, and vinegar to wash off the top layer of copper on the pennies. We explained how these were weak acids and that’s why we were able to drink orange juice and lemon juice. We also spent the day explaining what it was like to be in high school and how they can prepare for the science courses.


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