Citizen Science Project

Sophie Thomas
Class of 2016
November 8th, 2014

Title: Trash Pickup
Visit local parks or wildlife areas and help clean
Citizen Science from NWF

For my citizen science project, I decided I’d undergo a trash pick up on a local level.  You see, one day, I took my siblings and puppy to our neighborhood park.  As I set my dog down to explore, I noticed the area was trashed.  There was garbage everywhere, dog poo in plenty of places, and over all it was a dump.  Just the look of it make me concerned for the safety of everyone who frequents the park.  So I set out the pick up as best I could.  I collects many pieces of trash, used a bag to scoop up the dog poop, and even made sure most of the sand was in the playground area.  I think its safe to say that the park is now a bit safer than before, and when the time comes to pick up once more, I’ll gladly be the first to volunteer.


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