ASU Trip

Sara Hawkins
Community Science Project
Class of 2016
December 18, 2014

Arizona State University is known for many things. People all over take trips there for campus tours, games, and even summer programs. However, for the SNHS members of Youngker we went there to explore a few career pathways. Starting with anthropology and ending with biology we all had a rather interesting experience.

Seeing how the majority of the SNHS members attended this field trip, the anthropologist at ASU seemed to be shocked as to how much space we took up in their classroom. But, it didn’t affect their teaching abilities so we continued to participate in hands-on activities. The main one the anthropologist had us do was organize skulls arrange on a table. With a little lesson, and some facts we arranged the skulls from oldest to most modern. Some mistakes were made here and there, but we understood for the most part, and enjoyed the activity.

With that being said, it was rather different entering the presentation/conference room in the second building. A power point, and new lady begun to explain some minute as soon as we settled in. She started off explaining to us some soil, and plant biology, and then slowly began her way into talking about a national project that any student may join.

All in all both career paths seemed rather interesting, and peaked a few student interest, but after a lot of walking, and lessons most SNHS members had home on their mind.


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