Westpark Science

Robert Christian
Community Project

The community outreach project that I participated in was the clubs Westpark science demonstration in December. With this project several members gave up a day of education learning to go teach the upcoming freshman at Westpark some of the concepts that high school science courses will teach them in the future. I joined this project because Westpark was my former middle school, and during my years there several instances impeded on my science education. That is not to say the school did not do its best, but it was working with limited resources. Anyways the due to my lack knowledge when I enter high school, knowing that I would have to take as many science courses as possible for my major of choice, I was terribly nervous and felt unprepared. I didn’t want any other students to feel like that, and so to help prepare students to understand why science its considerably important, no matter your field of choice, we stressed the basic ideas that they would other wise have to learn while trying to adjust to high school. After completing this project I feel better knowing that the students at Westpark are better prepared for any endeavor they choose to enter into with science courses.


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