Science and More Science

Carl Vallier
Citizen/Community Science Project 1
December 3, 2014

NOVA Cybersecurity Lab

This project helped me to spot phishing scams and learn the basics of coding. The ultimate goal of this project was to keep people better protected when using the internet. I was able to play the role of the chief technology officer of a brand new social network company (mine was called Snapcat). It was my duty to stop as many cyber-attacks as I could by completing various tasks. I joined this project because I use the internet quite frequently and also because I plan on being an electrical engineer. Upon completion of this project, I achieved a greater understanding of phishing scams, and the fundamentals of coding. I can now feel much safer when I browse the web.

Buckeye Elementary Trip

In this trip, I was with a decent sized group of people that all went down to an elementary school. The purpose of this trip was to encourage the kids to start thinking scientifically, and to make them become more interested in science. For this demo, we performed a chemical reaction in front of the class, and afterwards let them all do a scientific experiment of their own. I joined this project because I want to get everybody interested in science. It is a very important subject for a variety of reasons. After this project, I truly felt that I helped alter the kids’ minds in a way that helped them to start becoming interested in science, and to begin to think about things with a scientific mind.


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