Lost at Night

Amy Marroquin
13 December 2014
Citizen Science Project

My citizen science project was “Lost at Night” by José Gómez Castaño in which an image of a city, taken from the ISS, is shown on the left; a map of the approximate area of the image is shown in the middle; and on the right is a map of the world at night, displaying lights as seen from space along with a dot displaying the approximate location of the image.  With these maps I must figure out the approximate location of the image. Once I figure out the approximate location of the image, I click the location on the map and on the image. Coordinates for the image, and the longitude and the latitude of the map appear on the right side of the screen. Then I click “Save” on the top lift of the screen. If I do not recognize, or determine the location of the image then I click “I don’t know” on the top left corner of the screen. It was quite an interesting project.

When considering the world, it is usually recognized in borders, as the map displayed it; however, the night-time map displayed the world through light on land with slightly lighter water surrounding it, to distinguish the two. This adds a challenge of pinpointing a location in which the image resides. Other context clues and inference must be used to determine an approximate location of the source of the image. And by performing my part I feel as if I have aided the researchers from consuming do much time in examining numerous photos, while adding an outside perspective to the analysis.

Project found on

http://www.scientificamerican.com/citizen-science/ and http://crowdcrafting.org/app/LostAtNight/


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