Digital Fishers

Brionna Blankenship
SNHS – Citizen Science Project
December 2, 2014

“Digital Fishers”

During this project I became a part of a team of scientists looking to study more about the undersea life. While apart of this team it is your duty to pay close attention to sablefish through videos provided. The goal is to be able to count how many sablefish there are in a video to see how many there are in that area that the video was taken. While the videos are taking place you have to keep a look out for anything that grabs your attention that will later be annotated at the end of every video. This can be anything from uneven sea floor levels, blurry vision, sea life, or even, if you’re lucky, a sablefish. Each time you watch a video you must keep track of how many sablefish you saw or think you saw, which is usually anywhere between 0 and 12. Each time you record how many sablefish you saw in the video allows other scientists to be able to get closer to the amount of sablefish there actually is in that area. This project was fun, easy, and great for anyone who loves the undersea life.


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