ASU Trip

Carmen Sarahi De La Cruz
Science National Honor Society
Community Project
5 December 2014

On December 5th, 2014, a group of students from the Science National Honor Society went to visit ASU. During the visit, students were presented with interesting facts about what science is all about. First, the students attended a presentation where they learned about the skeleton but mainly the skulls of the humans. Then, they walked through a building whilst observing different reptiles. After lunch the students went to another presentation about biology, but not before they toured the building the presentation was located in.

I joined this project because I was interested in going to learn to an actual university about science from a current student’s perspective. I wanted to learn about their interest in the program and what made them enter the specific field they were in. This project helped the community by letting the future generation gain knowledge about the interesting field of science. The project may have even made a student who has never shown interest show it.

Learning about science is important because it can allow people to gain interest in the area. It can be the factor into making more doctors and saving more lives. It can change the world. After my part in the science world, I feel satisfied with myself. I have gained so much knowledge with this trip and my interest in science has increased.


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