Community Outrearch

Sophie Thomas
Class of 2016
November 8th, 2014

Habitats are very important to sustain life everywhere.  whether they house reptiles, mammals, insects, or even the monarch butterfly, they serve their purpose.  Yet, without the occasional help of people who car, those necessary habitats can be overtaken by meddlesome species of plants or animals.

A small group of members from the YHS SNHS took a trip to Rio Salado Habitat Rehabilitation.  Shortly after our arrival, we were broken up into groups to take on different tasks to aid the habitat in its survival.

My group was tasked with the job of ridding the park of blue buffalo grass.  These species of plant are easily spread among the area by simple means such as wind or storms.  They have a head of small seeds that can easily be dispersed among the soil.

Once the seeds settle, they soak up water, taking it away from the surrounding.  This causes the other plants to slowly die.  As the grass grows, it often entangles itself in other plants, making it hard for those plants to grow.  Without the good plants, the poor monarch butterflies would have no where else to rest on their long migrations from one place to another.

Although it took a large ride to the park, and a lot of hard work, in the end, the most important part was saving the habitat for all the creatures who call it home, especially the majestic monarch butterfly


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