University of Arizona

Denise Peay
Class of 2016
October 18th, 2014

Six of the science national honors society’s students went to The University of Arizona to learn more about The Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology and The School of Plant Sciences.  During this trip we learned about what University of Arizona has to offer in the science fields and what clubs we can be a part of.  We also learned inspiring things about college through the professor’s eyes and through the student’s eyes.  We were able to go from table to table and individually see the clubs and understand their meaning.  We were also able to speak with the professors about their field and what they would be teaching and give us a brief description and answer any questions we had.

This trip was based on science, because we went to the college program that talked about molecular biology, cellular biology, and plant science.  Every subject that was being talked about was science based.  After this trip I felt more inspired to be part of the science field.  There were two groups that caught my attention.  The first group was the fungi group.  They explained the basics of fungi and biotechnology.  They showed me some experiments they did with items that were once alive.  This group used their known science and applied it with chemistry terms, which opened my eyes and I was able to know what they were talking about.  They were also energetic about what they learned, which made me want t know more.  The second group that caught my attention was the plant science group.  They grow organic plants and sell them to farmers.  They also take care of plants with so much care.  This group opened my eyes to a whole new science that I didn’t even think would catch my attention.  Through this trip I learned about new sciences that could be interesting and I would like to learn more about them.  I also learned that every type of science is intertwined with each other.


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