SNHS Reflection

By Alyssa Paul
Class of 2016
November 5, 2014

For my community project this semester I chose to partake in a science demonstration at Buckeye Elementary on Wednesday, October 8th.  A few other members and I conducted experiments in front of the class, such as Elephant Toothpaste, which involved adding a catalyst to a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and dish soap in order to speed up the reaction.  We then aided the students in performing their own experiment testing the effects of acidity level for cleaning pennies. I chose this particular experiment because both my brother and my mom are becoming teachers and it is something I enjoy as well.  It helped the community because the trip encouraged students to pursue and become excited about science and a possible career in it.  Learning about science is important because we are the future and it will be up to our generation to solve serious issued we have today using science, such as pollution.  I feel gratified after contributing to teaching the future scientists who can one day change our world.


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